Psymonsters (also known as Psy Monsters or Psy-Monsters) are monsters native to the Psymonster World. Nearly all Psymonsters are able to manipulate energy or matter through paranormal means, with the accomplishment of these abilities determined for each Psymonsters largely by their elemental "type".

Most Psymonsters are physically humans (though some are humanoids), animals (though some are dinosaurs or mythical creatures), spirits, objects (either living or magical), machines (though some are robots, vehicles, etc.), and plants.

It is unclear whether Psymonsters constitute natural living things, though they are often treated as living organisms; however, some Psymonsters have much apparent overlap and confusion between these categories.


Psymonsters come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes, with some nearly identical to normal animals, while most others take more individual forms.

Types and AttributesEdit

There are multiple types of Psymonsters, which determine the powers of different Psymonsters. They lay the foundation of a complex even so frequently rational system that applies to every Psymonsters. Some advantages and disadvantages are based on common sense, while others are not as obvious.

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