Species Food Man
Gender Male
Number 121
Type Food
Color Green

Luncheater is a Psymonster who is the one hundred and twenty-first.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a food man with an orange head, a cream cheese tongue, a green watermelon as a torso, a red strawberry nose, a yellow lemon-like right eye, his left eye looks like a blue blueberry, rusty maroon bacon lips, a teal cotton candy neck, his right arm looks like a yellow banana and a scarlet peach as a hand, a purple eggplant-like left arm with a hand that looks like a yellowish-green pear, a chicken patty sandwich-like belt, his left leg has pink ice cream, a yellow corn, and a pepperoni pizza, and his right leg has a red apple, a green pea pod, an orange pumpkin, and a green cabbage.

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