Species Blob
Gender Male
Number 96
Type Poison
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Supernatural
Color Purple

Greedy is a supernatural Psymonster of the Psymonster World. He is of the Poison type.


Greedy is a ravenous, gluttonous, and self-indulgent Psymonster who must have an excessive desire or appetite for food. No matter how hungry and voracious he tries to be, something always tastes exceedingly delicious. If there are fruits everywhere in the Psymonster World, he will eat them every time. If some Psymonsters have left dinner in the kitchen, he will go to the kitchen and eat some dinner food. Even when he is ordering lunch from the cafeteria in the university of the Psymonster World, he is the only one who is promising to consume his lunch. Fortunately for Greedy, the Psymonster World has some of the best grocery stores around. Whichever food, drinks, deserts, meals, and candy he may receive during his hunger, they are ready to give him nutritious food and anything else that he may need to get extremely abstemious, right up until his next food.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a big, obese purple blob with a bright purple tongue and green eyes.


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