Fruits are sweet and fleshy foods that grow in the garden of the Psymonster World. As in the real world, a large variety exists in the Psymonster World, with a large range of tastes and firmnesses. Fruits are the means by which these plants disseminate seeds. Many of them that bear edible fruits, in particular, have propagated with the movements of Psymonsters in a symbiotic relationship as a means for seed dispersal and nutrition, respectively; in fact, Psymonsters have become dependent on fruits as a source of food. Fruits account for a substantial fraction of the agricultural output, and some (such as the Apel Fruit and the Pomegranite Fruit) have acquired extensive cultural and symbolic meanings.


# Image Name Firmness Taste Color Seed
1 Lemen Fruit 24x24 Lemen Fruit Hard Sour Yellow Lemen Fruit Seed
2 Eglant Fruit 24x24 Eglant Fruit Hard Bitter Purple Eglant Fruit Seed
3 Monga Fruit 24x24 Monga Fruit Hard Sweet Red Monga Fruit Seed
4 Oniun Fruit 24x24 Oniun Fruit Hard Spicy Blue Oniun Fruit Seed
5 Persimon Fruit 24x24 Persimon Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Persimon Fruit Seed
6 Payre Fruit 24x24 Payre Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Payre Fruit Seed
7 Apel Fruit 24x24 Apel Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Apel Fruit Seed
8 Popper Fruit 24x24 Popper Fruit Hard Bitter Green Popper Fruit Seed
9 Georan Fruit 24x24 Georan Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Georan Fruit Seed
10 Strawbeary Fruit 24x24 Strawbeary Fruit Hard Sweet Red Strawbeary Fruit Seed
11 Stangomeen Fruit 24x24 Stangomeen Fruit Hard Sweet Pink Stangomeen Fruit Seed
12 Korn Fruit 24x24 Korn Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Korn Fruit Seed
13 Tamota Fruit 24x24 Tamota Fruit Hard Bitter Red Tamota Fruit Seed
14 Aibeka Fruit 24x24 Aibeka Fruit Soft Sour Green Aibeka Fruit Seed
15 Plumpkin Fruit 24x24 Plumpkin Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Plumpkin Fruit Seed
16 Tapo Fruit 24x24 Tapo Fruit Hard Bitter Purple Tapo Fruit Seed
17 Avaug Fruit 24x24 Avaug Fruit Hard Sweet Green Avaug Fruit Seed
18 Applepine Fruit 24x24 Applepine Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Applepine Fruit Seed
19 Babana Fruit 24x24 Babana Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Babana Fruit Seed
20 Pricota Fruit 24x24 Pricota Fruit Hard Sweet Red Pricota Fruit Seed
21 Olivine Fruit 24x24 Olivine Fruit Soft Salty Green Olivine Fruit Seed
22 Quinse Fruit 24x24 Quinse Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Quinse Fruit Seed
23 Jack Fruit 24x24 Jack Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Jack Fruit Seed
24 Kantaloupe Fruit 24x24 Kantaloupe Fruit Hard Sweet Pink Kantaloupe Fruit Seed
25 Mulp Fruit 24x24 Mulp Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Mulp Fruit Seed
26 Cherri Fruit 24x24 Cherri Fruit Soft Sweet Red Cherri Fruit Seed
27 Pache Fruit 24x24 Pache Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Pache Fruit Seed
28 Sherimoya Fruit 24x24 Sherimoya Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Sherimoya Fruit Seed
29 Rooturnip Fruit 24x24 Rooturnip Fruit Hard Bitter Green Rooturnip Fruit Seed
30 Iwik Fruit 24x24 Iwik Fruit Soft Sweet Orange Iwik Fruit Seed
31 Vacassa Fruit 24x24 Vacassa Fruit Hard Bitter Purple Vacassa Fruit Seed
32 Chest Fruit 24x24 Chest Fruit Hard Salty Red Chest Fruit Seed
33 Pomegranite Fruit 24x24 Pomegranite Fruit Hard Sweet Pink Pomegranite Fruit Seed
34 Dracken Fruit 24x24 Dracken Fruit Hard Sweet Green Dracken Fruit Seed
35 Colliflower Fruit 24x24 Colliflower Fruit Hard Bitter Blue Colliflower Fruit Seed
36 Rasp Fruit 24x24 Rasp Fruit Soft Sweet Red Rasp Fruit Seed
37 Cukumber Fruit 24x24 Cukumber Fruit Hard Sweet Green Cukumber Fruit Seed
38 Kachoba Fruit 24x24 Kachoba Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Kachoba Fruit Seed
39 Lichi Fruit 24x24 Lichi Fruit Hard Spicy Yellow Lichi Fruit Seed
40 Schwatermelon Fruit 24x24 Schwatermelon Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Schwatermelon Fruit Seed
41 Ocabab Fruit 24x24 Ocabab Fruit Hard Sweet Red Ocabab Fruit Seed
42 Gosber Fruit 24x24 Gosber Fruit Soft Sweet Blue Gosber Fruit Seed
43 Carot Fruit 24x24 Carot Fruit Hard Bitter Yellow Carot Fruit Seed
44 Coca Fruit 24x24 Coca Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Coca Fruit Seed
45 Zuchini Fruit 24x24 Zuchini Fruit Hard Sweet Green Zuchini Fruit Seed
46 Dewhon Fruit 24x24 Dewhon Fruit Hard Sweet Red Dewhon Fruit Seed
47 Nawor Fruit 24x24 Nawor Fruit Soft Sweet Orange Nawor Fruit Seed
48 Etad Fruit 24x24 Etad Fruit Soft Sweet Blue Etad Fruit Seed
49 Custapple Fruit 24x24 Custapple Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Custapple Fruit Seed
50 Fooki Fruit 24x24 Fooki Fruit Soft Bitter Green Fooki Fruit Seed
51 Yapapa Fruit 24x24 Yapapa Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Yapapa Fruit Seed
52 Pegra Fruit 24x24 Pegra Fruit Soft Sweet Purple Pegra Fruit Seed
53 Sitron Fruit 24x24 Sitron Fruit Hard Sour Pink Sitron Fruit Seed
54 Quolat Fruit 24x24 Quolat Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Quolat Fruit Seed
55 Raldem Fruit 24x24 Raldem Fruit Hard Sweet Green Raldem Fruit Seed
56 Pashion Fruit 24x24 Pashion Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Pashion Fruit Seed
57 Kokonut Fruit 24x24 Kokonut Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Kokonut Fruit Seed
58 Bigourd Fruit 24x24 Bigourd Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Bigourd Fruit Seed
59 Bluck Fruit 24x24 Bluck Fruit Soft Sour Purple Bluck Fruit Seed
60 Nerohaba Fruit 24x24 Nerohaba Fruit Soft Spicy Red Nerohaba Fruit Seed
61 Grapefrute Fruit 24x24 Grapefrute Fruit Hard Sour Yellow Grapefrute Fruit Seed
62 Blew Fruit 24x24 Blew Fruit Soft Sweet Blue Blew Fruit Seed
63 Hormelon Fruit 24x24 Hormelon Fruit Hard Sweet Red Hormelon Fruit Seed
64 Tara Fruit 24x24 Tara Fruit Hard Sweet Green Tara Fruit Seed
65 Olemop Fruit 24x24 Olemop Fruit Hard Sweet Pink Olemop Fruit Seed
66 Articho Fruit 24x24 Articho Fruit Hard Bitter Red Articho Fruit Seed
67 Huckle Fruit 24x24 Huckle Fruit Soft Sweet Purple Huckle Fruit Seed
68 Rajaba Fruit 24x24 Rajaba Fruit Hard Sweet Pink Rajaba Fruit Seed
69 Kalas Fruit 24x24 Kalas Fruit Hard Sweet Green Kalas Fruit Seed
70 Nutwal Fruit 24x24 Nutwal Fruit Hard Salty Yellow Nutwal Fruit Seed
71 Amali Fruit 24x24 Amali Fruit Hard Sweet Green Amali Fruit Seed
72 Mirakle Fruit 24x24 Mirakle Fruit Hard Sour Blue Mirakle Fruit Seed
73 Bazacala Fruit 24x24 Bazacala Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Bazacala Fruit Seed
74 Josta Fruit 24x24 Josta Fruit Soft Sweet Red Josta Fruit Seed
75 Kondai Fruit 24x24 Kondai Fruit Hard Bitter Yellow Kondai Fruit Seed
76 Winter Fruit 24x24 Winter Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Winter Fruit Seed
77 Breadfroot Fruit 24x24 Breadfroot Fruit Hard Bitter Green Breadfroot Fruit Seed
78 Tollash Fruit 24x24 Tollash Fruit Soft Sour Red Tollash Fruit Seed
79 Odacova Fruit 24x24 Odacova Fruit Hard Bitter Purple Odacova Fruit Seed
80 Largic Fruit 24x24 Largic Fruit Hard Spicy Orange Largic Fruit Seed
81 Necktarine Fruit 24x24 Necktarine Fruit Hard Sweet Purple Necktarine Fruit Seed
82 Lezah Fruit 24x24 Lezah Fruit Hard Salty Red Lezah Fruit Seed
83 Pinber Fruit 24x24 Pinber Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Pinber Fruit Seed
84 Roomush Fruit 24x24 Roomush Fruit Soft Spicy Blue Roomush Fruit Seed
85 Eelych Fruit 24x24 Eelych Fruit Hard Sweet Green Eelych Fruit Seed
86 Afful Fruit 24x24 Afful Fruit Hard Bitter Orange Afful Fruit Seed
87 Keel Fruit 24x24 Keel Fruit Hard Spicy Green Keel Fruit Seed
88 Redish Fruit 24x24 Redish Fruit Hard Bitter Red Redish Fruit Seed
89 Boisonberry Fruit 24x24 Boisonberry Fruit Soft Sweet Purple Boisonberry Fruit Seed
90 Bajabutica Fruit 24x24 Bajabutica Fruit Hard Sweet Blue Bajabutica Fruit Seed
91 Musk Fruit 24x24 Musk Fruit Hard Sweet Green Musk Fruit Seed
92 Hebezoo Fruit 24x24 Hebezoo Fruit Hard Sour Purple Hebezoo Fruit Seed
93 Ayometa Fruit 24x24 Ayometa Fruit Hard Sweet Yellow Ayometa Fruit Seed
94 Froostar Fruit 24x24 Froostar Fruit Hard Sweet Orange Froostar Fruit Seed
95 Petanga Fruit 24x24 Petanga Fruit Hard Sweet Red Petanga Fruit Seed
96 Dariun Fruit 24x24 Dariun Fruit Hard Bitter Blue Dariun Fruit Seed

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