Species Human
Gender Male
Number 135
Type Fighting
Role Psymonster
Home Psymonster World
Rarity Common
Color Yellow

Exquistador is a common Psymonster of the Psymonster World. He is of the Fighting type.


Exquistador is an adventurous and gallant Psymonster who really likes gold. It is not so much about the treasure; he just thinks that it looks certainly good, and he would like all of his stuff to be made out of it. If he has his way, he would be living in a solid gold house, taking a nice bath in a gold tub full of golden coins, and the towels and shampoo would also be gold. Exquistador has traveled all across the Psymonster World in search of gold, but he doesn't have a lot of luck so far. For some reason, the Psymonsters that he meets always want to keep theirs, which seems quite selfish to him – especially the mischievous Psymonster, who just up and disappeared. Fortunately, he has heard about the empire of the Psymonster World. He figures that he will stop by there next and see if any Psymonsters have got any gold, they don't mind sparing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a handsome conquistador with tan skin, hazel eyes, orange hair, eyebrows, a mustache, and a beard, a gold breastplate and a conquistador helmet with a blue plume, gray gloves and boots, a navy shirt with long puffy red sleeves with blue stripes, and a black belt.


  • Exquistador is a portmanteau from the words "exquisite" and "conquistador".
  • Like Concavalier, Exquistador wears a breastplate.
  • Exquistador is one of the three Fighting Psymonsters as humans (the other two are Kitsumo and Concavalier).

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